Title So you Really Want to Learn Spanish
Author Mike Bolger
Publisher Galore Park Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1 902984 10 2
Reviewer Patrick Le Berre

The logical and overtly grammatical approach to language learning behind this Galore Park textbook will not fail to impress many language teachers as I can see a number of ways in which a linguist could find such a valuable resource helpful in the classroom. Just like the other language textbooks in the series ‘So you Really Want to Learn…’ this new Spanish textbook relies more on traditional than communicative teaching techniques. However, this new addition to the Galore Park language textbooks is such a versatile resource, clearly laid out and filled with engaging visuals that it should help to engage learners of all ages and ability levels.

Progression is obvious from the first chapters with pronunciation rules backed up by many grammar exercises to practise. The activities cater for all major skills without an over reliance on the written word as speaking and listening activities are also well represented and imaginative. This textbook is clearly aimed at the higher ability range with translation activities and long vocabulary revision sections at the end of every unit. The graded level of difficulty also means that you could use several books in one year (as there are three books in the series) and therefore continue to stretch the more able pupils.

However, it also makes sense that ‘So, you Really Want to Learn Spanish’ could be used in a mixed ability class as a complement to more communicative techniques, to stretch the more able pupils and give them the grammar background they need or simply as a self-assessment method before the end of a term or a year’s work. This is an extremely well thought out language learning method for children and adults alike!
This thorough approach to language learning will ensure that the best linguists are stretched from an early age and can very quickly become independent learners.