Title Na klar! 1
Author Spencer / Wesson
Publisher Nelson Thornes
ISBN 0 7487 7838 1
Reviewer Stuart McIntosh

Billed as “The only coursebook to captivate all of your students and help keep German alive in your school” Na klar is an attractive and colourful new textbook which is easy to use and clearly laid out. The pupils have access to helpful vocabulary lists (ideal for homework learning), grammar boxes, writing frames and helpful hints linked to the KS3 Framework criterion.

The Noch Etwas section at the back of the book and the two-tiered workbooks provide ample opportunity for independent working and would be useful for setting cover. However the perennial complaint is of the limited scope of written exercises (an average of six questions per exercise) and the lack of meaty written tasks to stretch the more able.

The accompanying ICT resources may be on the expensive side but provide some good quality extension work as well as a mixture of whole-class Whiteboards/Projectors and individual PC work.