Title Magic Verb Cards
Author Jackie Garratt, Pierrette Macdonald
Publisher Advance Materials
ISBN 978-0-9547695-3-6
Reviewer Eva Sanchez

The Magic Verb Cards consists of a pack of eight cards and a transparent red plastic sheet. The verbs on the cards are written in orange ink. The idea is that when you cover the cards with the red sheet the verb disappears, so that the students have to memorise the verb in order to be able to produce correct sentences.
Each card contains sentences for two verbs, with questions and answers. The verbs represent the most common verbs of regular and irregular verbs.
It is very exciting the first time that you use the cards because of the curiosity that it causes to see how the verbs disappear under the red sheet. The can be used to do independent revision or for practising the sentences in pairs.
However, I canít help but wonder how much it would be to buy packs for the whole class? Also, what advantages do these cards have that cannot be found in more sustainable resources, such as the smart board or mini white boards, which have at the same time many other applications?