Title Languages at your fingertips
Author University of Cambridge Language Centre and BBC Active
Reviewers Diana Jimenez and Catherine Mahey

These multimedia courses have been designed by a team of professional linguists from BBCactive in partnership with the University of Cambridge: These two very experienced educational resource providers have produced an attractive online language programme in French and Spanish at intermediate level that will appeal to a wide audience. Independent and individual learners are targeted. A non-linear but well graded approach allows the learner to access material at the level he/she prefers and to extend their learning with related tasks that support and stretch the individual.
Topics include the world of work, health and recalling past events. The material is clear and visually attractive with up to date cultural notes in English and in the target language. Authentic video and audio text, with optional subtitles in both languages, illustrate the topics and link in with very clear grammar and vocabulary reference notes on essential points. This very comprehensive resource will fit any system.
It is both sophisticated and completely original and it will develop autonomy to help students become lifelong learners.