Title Language Factory
Author Carolle Nicolle
Publisher www.language-factory.co.uk
Reviewer Duncan Byrne

The Language Factory offers resource CD-ROMS for French, German and Spanish. I am reviewing its Demo CD that contains a few samples so can only speak about the quality and style of its resources, rather than about its breadth.
The resources offered by the Language Factory can be categorised as audio-visual. Firstly, there are songs and raps for the musically-minded among us and flashcards and pictorial worksheets. The pictorial resources are extremely attractive and very useful as starters and plenaries. The resources CD only costs £40 per language and this could save you a lot of time finding your own pictures on the Internet and putting them into presentable format. The songs are simple and distinctly more ‘hip’ (or is it ‘hipper’?) than traditional collections such as ‘un kilo de chansons’. Of course, whether you would use them depends on how much you worry about making a fool of yourself in front of a KS3 class.
There is also a book, which I have not had to review, but I can certainly conclude that the Language Factory material has the potential to be useful. There’s certainly not anything earth-shattering but is attractive and wouldn’t look (or sound) out of place in a well-equipped IWB multi-media classroom.