Title LCP French Grammar Posters
Publisher LCP
Reviewer Patrick Le Berre

This new range of grammar posters by LCP has three major advantages as the posters can be used for grammar teaching, for classroom decoration as they are attractive and as a permanent reminder for pupils. At a time when many educationalists wonder whether some classroom walls could be covered with too much information, LCP grammar posters have the advantage of being clear and concise using colour to reinforce the grammar point and photographs for decoration. Twelve topics are available: the present tense, |the perfect tense with avoir, the perfect tense with être, the imperfect tense, the future tenses, avoir, être and aller, adjectives, object pronouns, the negative, the partitive article, à and de, and finally modal verbs. This wealth of grammar topics means that you can use the posters in rotation for the same class if you wish to teach a particular grammar point this term whilst using other posters simultaneously with different sets and year groups.

The CD Rom is also a very useful tool, as it enables you to teach grammar from your desktop, laptop, an interactive whiteboard or printed worksheets and you can still use the relevant poster for reinforcement later on. The contents are relatively gimmick free which does not distract the pupils from what you want to teach: the grammar point. However, there are also new caricatures of pirates to teach the perfect tense I found particularly amusing.

At £ 49.95 + VAT for the posters and 14.95 + VAT for the CD Rom, I find them an excellent buy. The CD-Rom is also available in Spanish.