Title Gramática práctica
Author Pyrrha Powell
Publisher LCP
ISBN 1 905101 18 X
Reviewer Alice Brooking

This collection of 88 photocopiable worksheets would be an asset to any Spanish department. They are ideal for Key Stage 4 students to learn or consolidate their knowledge of all the grammatical concepts required for GCSE.

The presentation of the material has to be this publication’s best selling-point. The layout of both the book as a whole and each worksheet is refreshingly clear. The information presented to the student is neither overwhelmingly dense nor drab, and the original use of cartoon is a successful way to introduce new topics. The appearance of these superficially entertaining sheets effectively serves to engage the student into a more complex set of grammatical rules and exercises. The various tasks reflect those of a modern textbook or GCSE exam paper: gap-fills, multiple choice, translation and match-up activities.

To conclude, the worksheets are self-explanatory (all rules and practice questions are together on the same page) and their user-friendliness should therefore necessitate very little teacher input. Any difficult vocabulary is translated and the sheets are thankfully just the right size to be neatly and easily photocopied. And, as with all the best teaching resources, the answers are provided at the back for quick reference when in doubt!