Title Expo 2 Vert & Rouge
Author Jon Meier and Gill Ramage
Publisher Heinemann
ISBN 0 435 38557 7 (vert) and 0 435 38512 7 (rouge)
Reviewer Paul Ellis

Expo 2 follows on from Expo 1 and is the middle book in a series of 3 to be completed in 2005. As with the first book, Expo 2 relates closely to the National Framework for Languages and is divided into six modules which are further divided into units. Each module also ends with a section entitled “Bilan et Contrôle Révision”, containing further activities, a vocabulary list and strategies for learning words. Both the harder Rouge version and the easier Vert edition are clearly set out, with plenty of good examples of vocabulary and grammar and suggestions for further activities. The accompanying pupil’s workbook, resource and assessment file and CD-ROMs also provide lots more materials, and students enjoy the possibility of working through activities at their own pace. Schemes of work are easy to design, following the examples given in the teacher’s guide, and readily show how the textbooks fit into the National Framework. The books are probably too thin on material on their own to push the very brightest students, but are good news for awkward middle or lower sets in Year 9 or below. Students aiming at an eventual A grade would still be challenged by the Rouge book, and the Vert would be a good stepping stone to a B or a C.