Title En avant avec les temps
Author Jackie Garratt, Pierrette Macdonald, Jenny Ollerenshaw, Rosie Taylor and Sue Ollerenshaw
Publisher Advance Materials
ISBN 095476952X
Reviewer Pauline Moloney

This new resource is presented as a set of cards designed to practice and use the most commonly used verbs, both regular and irregular. The cards are topic base and cover 16 different subjects, from weather to preferences; from illness to house chores.

The idea is quite innovative: each topic consists of two cards, one of which has cut-out windows to hide/select/ check the verbs. The card on which the verbs were written out in red, in particular, won praise from pupils as hiding the answers with a special red card added a “magical touch” enjoyed by all.

Despite those positive aspects, the general consensus over the quality of this material was not very satisfactory.
First of all, pupils were very put off by the very babyish (and badly drawn) pictures of frogs to illustrate the situations.
The design, as for it, was felt rather impractical. Having to fiddle with A4 cards implies working on tables, which, to pupils, defeated the purpose of a “fun speaking activity”.
Finally, the actual practicality of using this material in a class felt difficult: to make the most of it, each child would require a set of cards, which would prove totally unrealistic in financial terms.

The resource was therefore not felt a good one to invest in, in a time when fun, motivating and high quality digital interactive verb revision materials can be found for free on the web.