Deutsch im Einsatz


Katrin Fox, Alan Marshall, Conny Brock and Sophie Duncker


Advance Materials 2013


ISBN 9780956543165

Reviewer Wendy Webbe

At last, here is a course book which might just be the antidote to the frustrated German IB teacherís envy of his well-resourced French and Spanish teaching colleagues. Hot off the press, Deutsch im Einsatz is the first book especially designed to prepare students for the new IB Language German B syllabus. And about time, too!  The topics reflect the core and options of the IB exam specification and because of the colourful layout and the authentic texts from a variety of German-speaking countries, they should appeal to young people, as well as help them to develop a genuine intercultural understanding. Question types are crafted to ensure comprehension and give targetted practice for Paper 1, saving teachers hours of time and effort when searching for appropriate texts and writing their own exam-style questions.  The teachersí book also contains a very useful photo-copiable worksheet which gives guidance on how students can approach unseen texts. There is even an example of a completed worksheet which relates to a text from the student book; an impressive effort to assist teachers in training learners to be bold, confident risk-takers when faced with unknown language. It is also refreshing to see topic-related literary texts in each chapter, ranging from short poems to excerpts from novels.

Paper 2 is also well catered for with ample opportunities for written practice and clear explanations of the range of text types students are expected to master. There is an excellent section at the end of the book which provides learners with a model text and practical checklist focussing not just on the text type format but also giving guidance on tone, register, vocabulary, linguistic structures and organisation of the message.  Paper 2, Part B for Higher Level is not overlooked with plenty of practice of exam-style tasks. As with most course books, grammar is fully integrated into each chapter.

Deutsch im Einsatz contains a variety of ideas for speaking practice, ranging from picture description  and discussion for the individual oral, to group discussion and role-play activities for the interactive oral and a useful framework which guides Standard Level students step-by-step through the introduction, planning, preparation and completion stages of the Written Assignment using model texts. In addition to all this, the authors have also included clear links to CAS and TOK themes.

Of course, learning a language is about so much more than simply passing an exam and teachers will not be throwing out their other published resources and their own collections of authentic texts, presentations and video clips any time soon. However, this course book will be a welcome addition to their resource bank and it will provide reassurance and much needed targetted IB exam practice, lacking up until now.  With its colourful and clear layout, I will certainly be adding this book to my wish list.