Title Authentik GCSE Writing Practice Tests 2004 Volume 2 Spanish
Publisher Authentik
Reviewer Richard Hoare

This volume contains 15 tests based on the GCSE writing exams offered by the various awarding bodies. Each test consists of two Foundation Tier questions, one Overlapping question and two Higher Tier questions. Model answers are provided at the end of each exam paper. There are also Guidelines for Teachers, Tips for Students and Class Record Sheets at the front of the booklet.

I was impressed by the variety of activities on offer which ranged at Higher Level from writing to inquire about sponsoring a whale to essay-like questions for and against mobile phones. This reflects in part the differing requirements of the awarding bodies and in part the desire to stimulate the pupilsí imaginations. Some of the questions were not therefore directly relevant to the OCR syllabus we follow at my school although there were plenty which were. I liked the model answers as well which can be photocopied (the entire volume comes with photocopying rights within the purchasing institution) and felt these could be a useful time saver or revision aid. The Spanish in these answers was challenging at the Higher Level using both present and imperfect subjunctive on occasions.

Although I would not want to work through this booklet methodically, I would recommend it as a useful contribution to the departmental resourcesí library which could be photocopied and used not only with GCSE classes but also with a whole range of Spanish classes from beginners to Lower Sixth.