Title Authentik Spanish AS/A2 Reading and Listening Comprehension Practice Tests 2005
Author P.Garrido and E.Moliné
Publisher Authentik
ISBN 1 871730 821 (Listening) and 1 871730856 (Reading)
Reviewer Amanda Shaw

For many years, the Authentik magazine and newspaper have proven an invaluable resource for A level language teachers. Authentik has now extended its offering in the form of the Listening and Reading Comprehension Practice tests, which focus upon the final AS and A2 examinations and enable students to improve their examination skills through a series of topic-focused exercises.

The Spanish tests come in two separate booklets, one based upon the Reading and Writing exam and one upon the Listening, Reading and Writing and are accompanied with a choice of either a tape or CD for the latter. Each test is categorised within a specific topic area and the contents page lists at which level (AS, A2 or both) the exercise is aimed. Each booklet also lists some useful guidelines for both teachers and students at the beginning.

The Reading Comprehension Practice Tests booklet contains fifteen tests in total, six at each of AS and A2 level and three aimed at both levels. Each exercise consists of one or two short articles in Spanish, followed by a series of questions of the type students will meet in the exam, such as multiple choice, true or false, matching lexical items, responding to questions in Spanish and translations. The fact that the tests are short makes them ideal for setting as homework and answers are provided for each, so if necessary students can check their own answers or teachers can go through them in class.

The Listening Comprehension Practice Tests booklet also contains fifteen tests, though nine of these are aimed at both levels. The accompanying CD or tape holds all the texts required to answer the questions and, rather usefully, the booklet also indicates the difficulty level of each text, along with its length and the source of the piece. Again, the questions reflect those of the exam, including gap fills and some more extended writing tasks, followed by the answers and the transcript of each text.

All-in-all, the Authentik Spanish Practice Tests booklets offer a useful tool for teachers to complement working through actual past papers with students, providing students with the opportunity of building upon their skills in preparation for the exam.