Title ¡Adelante! 3 verde and ¡Adelante! 3 azul
Author Miriam Regan and Kathryn Silvestre
Publisher LCP
Reviewer Ruth Greenhalgh

This excellent new photocopiable resource from LCP, prepared by Miriam Regan and Kathryn Silvestre, is aimed at students in their third year of learning Spanish. In reality it can be used with pupils throughout the years at Key Stage 3. ¡Adelante!3 verde is pitched at a slightly lower level than ¡Adelante! 3 azul, but both are based on the same topics and use the same materials; they are differentiated by the exercises. The 40 topics covered range from ‘¡Qué personalidad!’ to ‘La historia de Che’. The exercises are clearly set out and attractive in their layout. There is a mixture of grammar, exploitation of language skills, vocabulary enhancing and comprehension exercises. Each worksheet is designed to last about 10 minutes, making them suitable for extension work, lesson fillers or homework. At the end of the workbook there are useful teachers’ notes and the solutions to the exercises. At £……….. this is an excellent purchase for any Spanish Department.