Speakers for MFL societies


Ian Brinton

Further to my talks on the poetry of Philippe Jaccottet and the phenomenological world of Francis Ponge I am very happy to visit schools or conferences to give some account on any of the following topics:

• Flaubert’s Madame Bovary;
• The poetry and fantasies of Gerard de Nerval;
• Urban landscapes in the poetry of Baudelaire;
• The lost worlds of Alain-Fournier;
• Social realities in Balzac & Zola.
• Victor Hugo (novels or poetry)
• Camus



Françoise Armstrong

Francoise taught French for 13 years in two large comprehensive schools. She was Head of MFL, then Language College Manager before being appointed as County Adviser for MFL in Hertfordshire. Since becoming a mum, Francoise has worked as an independent education consultant, running insets and advising schools on any MFL related matter. She has worked as a consultant for QCA and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. She remains faithful to her original vocation by teaching regularly in some of her local schools. She has recently given talks talk on the wearing of the veil in France and on Nicolas Sarkozy.


Angeliki Petritis

Excellent lecturer on interpreting and translating as a career. Ideal for able linguists – topics covered machine translation, problems and joys of translation, career prospects, political issues in the EU etc.

Language Officer
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